Don’t judge the person judge the action. When someone is insulting you or criticizing you and calling you stupid, jalouse, condescendent, selfish etc. They are reflecting on you how they feel about themself. They are reflecting how they feel in your presence, they are telling you about their emotional state. When someone is insulting you it is never about you honey. Be confident, be bold, be you. Stick to your words and your values, spreed love. I am telling you nothing feels better. 

When someone is criticizing your action, and how what you did, made them feel, it is a constructive conversation and you should pay attention. You should have a reflection on yourself and think about what you can do different. When someone is calling you out on what you did and how it impact them, constructive insight might come out of the conversation for both. But on the others hand, insulting personally an individu will never do good. Never attack the person, attack the action and always talk about you and how it made you feel. Speak facts not emotions.

Remember that it’s okay to not be understand. It’s okay to not get along with everyone. If you are liked by everyone, you are enemy to yourself. Not everyone is vibrating on the same level of energy and some people just don’t have the emotional capacity to understand you.

Be kind with yourself. Nobody will love you as much as you can. Don’t neglect how important healing yourself first is. Stay safe XX

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