Let them be …

I was listening to the « Let them be Theory » episode from Mel Robbins Podcast. It really help me make peace with some situations I have been going through.

In resume, you have to tell yourself « let them » to every situations you are not directly affected by. If it’s part of their past, and you can see the problem but they can’t, let them. If the situation doesn’t affect your life/ present moment directly, let them. If they don’t want to listen to your opinions, let them. If they are not making any sens to you, let them, don’t try to fight them. You must be in a mindset of acceptance of what is. This mindset kinda force you to sit in the chaos of life without the mental charge of trying to fix everything.

It put you in a observant role and allows you to see everyone for who they truly are and not who you would like them to be… 

Let me convince you how great it is !

  • You can make clear decision on who you want to keep in your life. You will base your decision on who they are now and not who they can potentially be … I promise you it will make the decision easier. 
  • People will appreciate the fact that they can be themselves around you 
  • You will learn so much about the people surrounding you. The bond between you and your love one will be stronger and healthier than ever.  
  • You will be able to appreciate and truly love your friend and family. You will eventually stop seing what is wrong with them… Instead, you will be able to focus your energy on their qualities. Automatically you will think of ways to empower everyone around you.  

It’s all I discovered so far guys… 

My boyfriend is like the master Shifu of this theory. I just don’t understand how he is able to not care lol. He really is the reason of all of my progress so far. Whenever I start complaining about someone else life and how stupido and nonsense it is to me, he reminds me how great it is that it’s not our problem. 
I truly realize how stupid I sounded when he told me « is it really what you are using your intelligence for? » « Your energy is way too powerful to give it to someone who will never care as much as you do » (Let me tell you, I have never been so quiet since then … AHAHAH) 
This is what brings me back to my other blogs, do it for you. It reminds me how important it is to put our oxygen mask first … Like my boyfriend told me, «  Lead by exemples not words ». 

Be kind with yourself. Nobody will love you as much as you can. Don’t neglect how important healing yourself first is. Stay safe XX


Don’t judge the person judge the action. When someone is insulting you or criticizing you and calling you stupid, jalouse, condescendent, selfish etc. They are reflecting on you how they feel about themself. They are reflecting how they feel in your presence, they are telling you about their emotional state. When someone is insulting you it is never about you honey. Be confident, be bold, be you. Stick to your words and your values, spreed love. I am telling you nothing feels better. 

When someone is criticizing your action, and how what you did, made them feel, it is a constructive conversation and you should pay attention. You should have a reflection on yourself and think about what you can do different. When someone is calling you out on what you did and how it impact them, constructive insight might come out of the conversation for both. But on the others hand, insulting personally an individu will never do good. Never attack the person, attack the action and always talk about you and how it made you feel. Speak facts not emotions.

Remember that it’s okay to not be understand. It’s okay to not get along with everyone. If you are liked by everyone, you are enemy to yourself. Not everyone is vibrating on the same level of energy and some people just don’t have the emotional capacity to understand you.

Be kind with yourself. Nobody will love you as much as you can. Don’t neglect how important healing yourself first is. Stay safe XX

Keep the ultimate goal in mind

Hi honey, 

There is no secret recipes. Success comes from consistency and effort. Changing is uncomfortable, but staying at the same place is way more challenging.

Always be the best version of yourself 

Before starting my self-devolvement journey, I always wondered how. How am I supposed to meal prep, keep my apartment clean, study full time, have a part-time job, keep good relationships with my friends and boyfriend, and on top of that have motivation to go to the gym! Like how is it possible? What makes these people go even when they don’t feel like it? A mix of the books i read and podcast I listen to made me come to the a conclusion. For me, what really helped was the vision of my future-self in the back of my mind. That “better version” of myself was and still is constantly reminding me to move forward. When I feel unmotivated and I feel like I can’t do it I ask myself what would she do? 

Feelings are an unreliable source of energ

I don’t rely on my feeling and motivation to do things. Because it is a feeling and it comes and goes. I rely on who I want to be on this day and this lifetime. Remember to be nice to yourself but don’t forget to constantly push yourself to do better everyday. Ask your future self what would she do? Would she scroll on the internet for many hours instead of doing the working out her body need? Uhmmm I don’t think so. 

I do things for my future self. I don’t listen to present me because I would recreate the same reality that I’m already in. 

Take the time to know and love yourself 

Take the time to ask yourself the right questions. Take the time to think about what you really want. Forget about what your family tells you, the society, your friends, your boss, your colleagues. Shut out the noises and listen to your gut.  At first, nothing will happen. Don’t expect to hear voices in your head or see a hallucination of god coming right in front of you. In reality, it’s just about listening to your thoughts and emotions. I am not telling you to rely on them to make long term decisions but being aware of how things makes you feel has to be taken into consideration. 

Loving myself was a big part of my recovery. I am still struggling but it get’s better everyday. The only advice i can give at the moment is telling yourself positives affirmations really helps. I can assure you results will come, keep moving forward and never look back.

Don’t forget to be kind with yourself. Nobody will love you as much as you can. It is really important to heal yourself to be able to help others.

Mental health peptalk

Hi honey,

I want to start this article by saying it’s okay to reach out for professional help. It’s easy to get caught up by everyone’s opinion. You have to keep in mind that everything is subjective. It took me a long time to realize there is no right or wrong. You have to do what feels right for you. My advice is to start by setting boundaries and guidelines that match the person you want to become. Don’t let anyone, not even the member of your family, make you feel guilty for the choices and decisions you take for your wellbeing. Other people will come to different decisions because they come from different realities. 

Don’t be naive, keep having a critical point of view

About a year ago, I started to work on myself and my mental health. I started listening to many podcasts about self-improvement, wellbeing, and yoga. I was super exited and inspired by what they were saying. I started being more aware of my own thoughts and actions. I started making little changes in my life. I don’t regret a single thing, but a few months ago I started to feel a type of psychological distress. I realized too much information can be very overwhelming to take in. Also, the people around and online who are giving advice are often not trained professionals and what they say can be delivered the wrong way. They can also telling opinions instead of true facts. In brief, what I have learn is everything is subjective. What feels good at the moment might feel wrong later on and it’s totally normal. It means you are growing as an individual. Keep making mistake keep being wrong. By being wrong you allow yourself to grow.

Don’t isolate yourself

I will sound like an old mom but just because it works for someone else, does not mean it will work for you. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional to help you navigate and appropriate to yourself the things you listen to. Diversify the people you listen to. Everything that touches mental health and spirituality is very subjective, so if the content doesn’t resonate with you, you are not the problem. It is completely normal. 

 Don’t forget to be kind with yourself. Nobody will love you as much as you can. It is really important to heal yourself to be able to help others.